A Guide of Sai Noi Beach

By Ivana Rukavina

It was one of those charming mornings in Paknampran where humidity and hot weather didn't prevail but made me get up immediately. So, I thought how great it would be to go for a swim, maybe bring a book and enjoy slurping the young coconut.

Being half “dalmatinka” (croatian name for a woman with dalmatian roots) I was damned having high standards when it comes to sea and beach life. Even though I am very flexible while travelling (in regars to accomodation and transportation) I refuse to compromise with sea or beach. And no such swimming pool that can compensate a swim in the deep crystal clear sea. Ahhh....(homage to my summer place in Croatia: https://www.bracinfo.com/bol/)

When in a hurry, Mr Google still seems to be the most effective tour operator! After a quick selection phase, I decided to explore Khao Tao village. It seemed like a perfect place to get what I was looking for. I got ready and left my chambers in @EvasonSixSense in no time.

Sai Noi Beach in Khao Tao village (not to be mixed with Koh Tao island*) appeared to be like a perfect spot for a weekend chill. Being exactly 12.3 km away (from Evason Six Senses) made my bicycle a star of the game (swear I wasn't going to make a rhyme). 

Not to forget to mention the joy I get from cycling through the unknown!
Just imagine going through infinite pineapple fields or passing through empty streets surrounded only with coconut trees... then oftentimes and all of a sudden herd of cows start to cross your way making them your red light – or at least I like to see them as a Mother Nature's call to stop. 

I do get chills quite often just by imagining it.

But, to get back on track with writing...

Khao Tao (Turtle Mountain) is an idyllic thai village located south of Hua Hin in Prachuabkirikhan Province. It is a very tranquil place with a lot to offer. It remained a peaceful fishing village even though it was the 1st reservoir for the Royal family built in Thailand. It is known for two famous beaches that stretch along the area – Suan Son and Had Sai Noi and a beautiful temple complex Wat Tham Khao Tao..

On the way, I was able to notice a few nice resorts and a couple of bars and restaurants with a decent menus (fairly good selection of dishes). Actually, one of the resorts are just by the beach, making my coconut craving easy to vanish.

Before jumping into the sea, I decided to first explore the Wat Tham Khao Tao as the gigantic golden Buddha was peeping out of the tree tops everytime I would lift my head up.

I was able to come with my bicycle all the way to the very bottom of the temple and climbed my way up to the Buddha's statue. At the very top the only thing I was left with was a gentle wind breeze and a stunning view. Nothing more nothing less did I need.

However, the “guardian dogs” made sure that I don't step into the role too soon. 

Being escorted with a playful barking tune, I climbed my way down to get to the beach.

Surprisingly, the beach was quite empty (even though it was Saturday) so I almost felt lonely. But, you know how “the early bird catches the worm”? Apparently, I indeed looked like a hotel visitor (covered with white towel taken from my resort) as the staff of the nearby resort wouldn't mind having me for their breakfast buffet. I thanked them with respect and played fair, of course.

Despite the waves (due to the winter season) I couldn't resist jumping in and being smashed by the wave.
Because...small things – right?

* Khao = hill or mountain
Ko (Koh) = island
Tao = turtle
** Don't forget to dress appropriately!