A Guide of Pak Nam Pran Markets

By Ivana Rukavina


One of my tips I wanted to share with you when travelling is where do I get the first insight of the culture and people of the country I am visiting.

Let's assume that you plan to go or you already are in Thailand. Preferably, you are checking the Hua Hin area and Blue Lotus Learning Center for Plant Based Cuisine because the information I am going share is related to the area of Pak Nam Pran.

This lovely village spans from Pranburi Forest Park to Pranburi Beach. It is a home to small fishing communities and luxury spa resorts. The area is not swamped by tourists and is quite secluded. The time here stays almost still and it makes you shiver many times as you observe the sunrise and sunset just sitting on the beach that spans throughout the whole place.


The feeling for the written above you get by simple and easy walk through the area. Don't hesitate to -just go out and experience the place you are visiting!  And just to remind you:  You always bring yourself wherever you go! So why not starting your day with your usual workout regimen, your morning espresso, your meditation...or anything else I might have forgotten!

If you are an early bird and you tend to start your day with some kind of activity as I do, exploring the area to find those perfect spots makes the magic along the way.

Oftentimes, I would go for a long walk (and more recently - a run) by the beach and finish off at the fresh morning market! If you ask me, fresh markets are like a window to the soul of the place you are in.

„...stop and include all of your senses..“

Just stop and observe  through all of your senses. Smell that fresh, ripe and juicy fruits...refresh yourself with the sweetness of a young coconut...look for the deepness in the eyes of a vendor and don't forget to thank him with a smile saying Sawadee ka!

For those of you who prefer sunsets, buying a snack at the fresh night market and cycling back to the beachfront is a must! Don't forget to enjoy every bite while curiously observing Thai families sitting and eating on the floor right next to you.

Buying a plant based snack at the Thai market can be quiet challenging but not impossible.  One of the things you want to look for is a „yellow flag“ aka the symbol for „Jay“ which symbolises Buddhist vegan food that has some additional restrictions (no garlic, onions, alchocol). However, I haven't seen such flag exploring Pak Nam Pran markets but was able to find some very cool and cheap plant based snack options whatsoever! If you ask me - small ripe and freshly cut and peeled pineapples or a bag of steamed sweet potatoes are still my winners! But...when you crave something else  - Kanom Gui Chai (savory) and/or Khanom Krok (sweet) are a MUST! 

Kanom Gui Chai aka Chive cakes are basically steamed and fried rice flour dumplings most usually filled with fresh chives and served with two dressings. But... guess what! On the Night market in Pak Nam Pran they come in three different fillings and all of them are plant based! So, I challenge you to try them all and figure out your favorite filling for a relaxing Saturday night!

And...please save some room for world's most delicious mini pancakes called Khanom Krok. Warm and crunchy, smooth and sweet coconuty bites of joy are there to please your palate and send you straight to heaven.

Ps. Available on both markets!


Working hours (morning market): 5am – 8am / (night market): 4pm-6.30pm
Maps: night market map