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GREEN THAI CUISINE (Weekend intensive Course)

SINGLE 7,000 THB - DOUBLE 12,000 THB (tuition fee + accommodation)

This week-end intensive program consists of two related cooking workshops: Asian Starters and Thai Classics! Experience Thai life and cuisine by learning how to make Thai recipes from the street food and nights markets back home.

Discover Thai flavors by making appetizers. This workshop is a playful introduction on Asian cooking techniques and appetizers that you can easily make and serve to your guests. We explore classics recipes reinterpreted into contemporary creative plant-based cuisine.


  • Roasted Veggie Skewers w Satay sauce
  • Thung Thong (golden bags), Spring Rolls & Samosa
  • Nam Prink Hed
  • GF Gyoza
  • Sauces and fillings

Explore Thai Classics of the street food and local markets. Learn the fresh, local ingredients, the essentials of Plant-based Thai cuisine.


  • Colorful Spring Rolls
  • Tom Yam Noodles Soup
  • Pad Thai
  • Roasted Banana w Sticky Rice

Package includes:

  • 1 night accommodation in an individual Evason Room (including breakfast buffet)
  • Dinner and Lunch at the bar: tasting the recipes from the class
  • 20% discount on food & beverage at all restaurants
  • 20% discount on SPA treatments
  • Free Wi-Fi in your room and the classroom
  • Complimentary activity: fitness center
Number of Students:
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