Q: Where can I find the schedule of the classes and workshops?

A: You can check our calendar page or send us an e-mail at info@bluelotushuahin.com. You can also call our Coordinator at +66 32 632 111.

Q: Do you offer private and customized classes?

A: Yes, we offer private classes, any day from Tuesday to Saturday (based on classroom availability), for 2 to 8 guests.

Q: Are there courses for professional chefs?

A: Yes, we offer Chef’s Training intensive classes. If you are a chef looking to learn the foundations of plant-based cuisine and experiment with state-of-the-art equipment in a professional kitchen facility while being coached by experienced and trained vegan chefs, contact us at info@bluelotushuahin.com.

Q: Do you offer corporate team-building events?

A: We offer specific 1 hour dynamic and fun team building challenges for corporate events (up to 20 participants). Let us know what you’re looking for and contact our event coordinator at info@bluelotushuahin.com.

Q: How many students can join each class or workshops?

A: We want to offer the best experience and quality time during our classes or workshops so we decided to limit our number of students for all our hands-on sessions to 8. We have a dedicated classroom to cooking demos for larger groups (up to 20).

Q: Do I need to have any culinary training or background to participate in the class?

A:Not at all! Our classes are designed for all levels, from beginners to advanced conventional chefs who are interested in learning about colorful healthy plant-based cuisine. It's only to enroll to our Chef’s Training that you need some experience in a professional kitchen (or you need to have completed “Green Thai Cuisine” or "Pure Energy").

Q: Do I need to prepare anything?

A: There’s no need to prepare anything in advance. Get ready to have some good fun and to enjoy it.

Q: Do I need to bring any equipment?

A: No, our academy is fully equipped and you will be provided with chefs knives when required.

Q: What should I wear?

A: We recommend black pants, short sleeves black t-shirt and non-slip shoes. We will provide you with a Blue Lotus apron.

Q: Is the class taught in English?

A: Yes, our teaching is done in English. Yet, our Thai assistant-instructors can guide you, explain and answer any question in Thai. Our instructors speak Spanish, French and Croatian too.

Q: Do I need to stay overnight at Evason Hua Hin?

A: No, it’s not mandatory.

Q: What time does class start?

A: Our weeklong classes start at 9am until 2pm, from Monday to Friday. Our afternoon workshops start at 3pm until 6pm from Wednesday to Friday. On Saturday we offer a morning workshop from 9am to 12:00 and an afternoon workshop from 1pm to 4pm. Workshops on Saturday are combined always to experience kind of dishes that you will be able to learn in our one-week classes – Pure Energy or Green Thai Cuisine.

Q: May I bring my children to a workshop?

A: Yes, we designed a specific Asian Sweets for Kids (8 to 12 YO) to be enjoyed in family meaning with one adult per children. For the other workshops, children can join the class as young as 8 year old (as soon as with one adult).

Q: Are the courses certified?

A: Yes, the participants of the week-long classes will be rewarded with a certification by the end of the week.

Q: What are the upcoming certificated classes?

A: At the moment we offer 3 one-week classes:

  1. Pure Energy (Level 1 - Introduction)
  2. Green Thai Cuisine (Level 1 - Introduction)
  3. Chef’s Training (Level 2 - Experienced/Pro)

Q: Are there vegan options in the Evason Hua Hin resort?

A: Yes, in Evason we have three restaurants: The Bar, The Coast and Kieng Sha.

  • The BAR (next to the swimming pool) is open day & night and has a range of vegan options including Blue Lotus signature dishes.
  • The Coast (Mediterranean food) is open at night and has a very interesting range of Blue Lotus Signature Dishes.
  • Kieng Sha (Thai gourmet food) is open at night and has a selection of vegan options.

On top of the tropical fruits and the salad buffet, in our Breakfast buffet there is a selection of vegan options including some Blue Lotus Signature dishes.

To see the menu of all three restaurants, visit the link: Vegan options in Evason Hua Hin restaurants.

Q: Do I have to share a room with other students when coming to a week-long class?

A: No, in the package for the week-long classes we include an individual 34 sq.m. room for you with a private bathroom, king-size bed, balcony with table and chairs, work desk, minibar, Satellite TV, personal safe and hairdryer. 

If you would like another type of room like Evason Studio or Pool Villa, please contact K. Pla, our coordinator, at info@bluelotushuahin.com (additional accommodation price may apply).

Find all of Evason room options on the Evason Hua Hin accommodation page.

Q: Are there courses that are longer than a week?

A: No, but you can combine two one-week classes like taking "Pure Energy" or "Green Thai Cuisine" (level 1) first and then take the "Chef's Training" (level 2).