Hua Hin Day Trip

I have to confess that when it comes to having a day off from regular mundane duties there is no better way then spending it in nature. Exploring my surroundings as much as I can in whatever way I can think of, already became a habit.

Guilty as charged, I decided to do a one day trip to Hua Hin. Renting a scooter and asking google maps for direction included as usual.

First stop: Wat Khao Takiap

Khao Takiap being 272 m high really justifies its english translation -  Chopstick Hill. It is a big Buddhist temple complex located south of Hua Hin Town center that marks the south end of Hua Hin beach.

Entering the complex can be done from the beach (good thing to know if you are more of a #dayatthebeach kind of person) and the only advice I can give you is to wear proper shoes for climbing up very steep stairs in order to come to the lookout.
Good choice to sneak in a quick workout as well!

If you followed my advice and rented a scooter you can easily approach the complex driving all the way up to the parking lot near the complex.
And if you ever thought parking lot couldn't be interesting per se, you were wrong.
An eclectic style of different Buddha statues, souvenirs and snack shops were quite interesting. I even got to buy real pearl jewlery for incredibly low price – hope springs eternal for my naivete! 

But the thing that was hilarious were the MONKEYS! I wasn't expecting to see a bunch of macaque monkeys playing around and waiting for the food to be stolen or given by the monks or visitors! I can't help myself for being genuinly pretty fearless but you might want to take a good care of your belongings because these guys can become really courageous themselves if hungry! 😉

I spent quite some time „upstairs“ being distracted by the magnificent view but also wanting to observe Thai visitors and their practices when visiting a sacred place. Apart from the usual offerings (incense, candles and flowers) they were ringing some bells on the platform as a way to  invoke good luck. After bowing down to great teacher Buddha and simple offering for the monks I decided it was time for my next stop.


Getting the vibe of a town when driving a scooter can be contagious if you ask me. Gentle wind breeze and warmness of the sun combined with feeling of freedom...
The flow usually stops with a lovely google map directing lady sound.

For a „coffee break“ I chose to drive a bit further from the center to explore the so called artist area. And indeed there it was - a very lovely coffee place with a fair selection of drinks and sweets. In addition to the „drinking area“ there is a nice thai restaurant and a cute museum with very cool art store selling various artistic works. I self justified my expense as a shopping for birthday presents in advance.

Playing cool with my affogato I used the time to reflect and journal my day.
Luckily, life kept on surprising me even when on chillaxin mode.

And my belly wasn't forgetfull either. Time to pick up some vegan lunch on the way and planning my trip back before the sunset.


My diet didn't change a lot while living in Thailand. Actually, more then ever I get to enjoy my favorite food – fruits. Easy to find fresh wherever you are, cheap to enjoy the abundance, best fuel for your health and easy on your digestion.
However, sometimes I do have other cravings and they lead my greed pretty nicely!
Gourmet Market in Bluport Mall is a MUST if you're fellow vegan like me, hungry for fresh big bowl of salad greens ! Well, even if you are not vegan, salad can be a complete meal, ya'know!

Fourth stop: Rajabhakti Park

Driving back to Evason followed by the grand sunset I decided to stop and stare for a while at massive bronze statues representing seven Thai kings. It is indeed an extraordinary sight well worth stopping by.

Rajabhakti park or „the park that has been built with people's loyalty to the monarchs was built by the Royal Thai Army and funded through public and private sectors. It consists of three distinctive areas with different purpose. Obviously the first one is the home to the the glorius seven. All of the statues were made of bronze with an average height of 13.9 meters. Other two areas were made to be used by Royal Thai Forces for parades, ceremonies or other special events.

(source info:wikipedia)

Well grounded I bowed with honour and put on my helmet. Time to hit the road back before it gets too dark!