Pure Energy

Pure Energy

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Whole-food plant-based cuisine made easy! Experiment with ingredients, techniques and preparing colorful and tasty plant meals.

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Dive Into An Active Plant-Based Lifestyle

The course is focused on practical and simple ways to make healthy cooking easy for you. During the week, you will learn what kinds of food to eat before, during and after your workouts in order to maximize your energy and promote faster recovery.

This class features colorful and tasty casual plant-based dishes, mostly gluten-free. Including: drinks & smoothies, breakfast and brunch, as well as balanced power bowls and some nutritious snacks. All are deliciously satisfying and help to support an active, busy lifestyle.


  • Introduction to a whole food plant-based diet for active people. The importance of nutrient density (vs. calories counting) for recovery, overall health, and pure energy for endurance, as well as essential supplements.

  • Evidence based Plant-Based Nutrition made easy. Clarification about gluten-free, lactose-free and SOS (Sugar, Oil, and Salt) free. Importance of Micro-Nutrition.

  • Practical tips for a healthy lifestyle (ways to prepare, conserve and transport your meals).

  • Food timing for sports (before, during & after training or competitions). Weekly eating plan.

  • The essential ingredients: sourcing, and conservation.

  • The essential equipment: how to use, clean and maintain.

  • Hands-on lectures with live demonstrations

  • Support in recipe development for the final project

  • Certification


Experiment with whole plant-based cuisine prepared from scratch based on nutrient rich ingredients. and casual recipes for active people.


46,500 Thai Baht




✓ 9AM to 2PM, Monday to Friday.

✓ 6 nights accommodation at Evason Hua Hin Resort & Spa, including breakfast buffet and free Wi-Fi.

✓ Complimentary Thai Classics cooking workshop on Friday at 3PM .

✓ Lunch at the bar: tasting recipes from morning classes.

✓ 50% discount for personal laundry.

✓ 20% discount on food & beverage at all restaurants.

✓ Complimentary activities: tennis, fitness and bicycles.

✓ Field trips and personal research time.


Enjoy an healthy active lifestyle with a Plant-Based Diet


Explore the numerous ingredients and recipes that enable you to maintain a prime intake of plant-based nutrients for a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Fruit Icon BB.png

Ingredients, recipes and techniques for a vegan cafe or a smoothie bar.

Blender Icon BB.png

Hydration Before/During and After Workouts: Plant Milks, Sport drinks, Gels and Smoothies.

Cutting Board Icon BB.png

Knife safety & skills. Mise en Place. Kitchen rules.

Salad Plate Icon BB.png

Nut butter dressings, Colorful Hummus and Raw Veggie Crackers, Coconut Curry Croutons

Cereal Icon BB.png

Whole-Food Plant-Based Nutrition + Time Restricted Eating + Active Lifestyle

Truffle Icon BB.png

Pure Energy balls, Truffles, on-Bake GF Chocolate Chips Cookies

Coffee Beans Icon BB.png

Cacao, Coffee and Tea drinks with Plant Milks and natural sweeteners.

Brownie Icon BB.png

Raw Tiramisu, Coconut Rochers, Chocolate Brownie, Blueberries Smoothie Bowls

Yogurt Icon BB.png

Nutrient Rich Breakfast: Bircher muesli and Raw Tropical Granola

Salad Icon BB.png

Osaka Japanese Power Bowl, Seoul South Korean Power Bowl, Cancun Mexican Bowl

Pizza Icon BB.png

Appetizers Fresh Spring Rolls and Nori Maki.

Plate Icon BB.png

Quinoa Tabbouleh, Quinoa Couscous


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Get Answers

We are here to support you in any questions you may have and we love providing answers. Here are a few examples of what we’re typically asked and our responses.

What is the price of the course? Do you offer payment plans?

The price of the course is 46,500 Thai Baht. A minimum 50% deposit is required to secure your place. Tuition must be paid in full prior to your start date in order to take part in the course. Please email info@bluelotushuahin.com with any payment-related questions.

Do students get any discount towards other courses?

Yes! Students taking a week long course can choose from one of three great perks:

  • Get 10% off any additional week-long course(s) OR

  • Bring a friend with you and receive 10% off both your tuition fees.

Email info@bluelotushuahin.com for more information!

Are there prerequisites for the course? Do I need cooking skills?

No. This course is an introductory level course suitable for all levels of cooking: from beginners to semi-professional chefs.


Secure your space with a 50% non-refundable deposit payment. 
The final payment, due 7 days prior to arrival, is 30% refundable in case of emergency. 
You can in case of emergency save 80% of your payment for a another stay within a year from the booked class.