Corporate Chef's Training

Corporate Chef's Training

from 26,250.00

Professional 1-week training in Plant-Based Cuisine. Designed on demand based on our Chef’s Training and our Speciality Cuisine Classes. Open to corporate from 6 students.

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Develop your understanding and your skills in plant-based cuisine

Do you want to add healthy plant-based options to your menu or create a colorful chef set menu? This course is an immersive training in plant-based cuisine. Experience, taste and learn about ingredients. Try equipment, explore new techniques and recipes with the guidance and mentoring of our trained team of plant-based chef instructors.

We offer a unique, colorful and healthy blend of cooking techniques and recipes. It’s an intense hands-on class, all recipes are prepared from scratch and all demos include food styling. We will cover the main challenges in plant-based cuisine: flavor balancing, natural umami, sauces, dressings and creams, egg and dairy replacement in cooking, naturally gluten-free dishes, colorful and healthy whole-food plant-based cooking, plating and food styling…


  • Visit the on-site organic garden and the morning market

  • Series of intensive and immersive hands-on sessions. Each session includes a panel of recipes to offer a unique tasting experience.

  • Review of specific equipment items, ingredients and techniques featured in each of the given recipes.

  • Learning the essentials of healthy plant-based cuisine by doing, experimenting and tasting with the support, lectures and mentoring of experienced chefs instructors to boost your learning curve.

  • Support in menu design, experiment and development for the final week project

  • Certificate of completion by Blue Lotus.


Master new techniques and learn exciting recipes to grow as a chef in plant-based cuisine.


52,500 Thai Baht




✓ Group Booking for 6 to 10.

✓ 9AM to 3PM, Monday to Friday.

✓ 6 nights accommodation at Evason Hua Hin Resort & Spa, including breakfast buffet and free Wi-Fi.

✓ Complimentary Bakery Café (Tea-Time) cooking workshop on Friday at 3PM.

✓ Lunch at the bar: tasting recipes from morning classes.

✓ 50% discount for personal laundry.

✓ 20% discount on food & beverage at all restaurants.

✓ Complimentary activities: tennis, fitness and bicycles.

✓ Field trips and personal research time.

This course is scheduled on demand.


Expand Your Mastery in Crafting Plant-Based Cuisine


Plant-based foods have gone from being a niche to becoming mainstream, with more people beyond vegan or vegetarian enjoying delicious and innovative plant-based dishes. Learn essential skills and experiment in a safe environment to develop your very own signature in plant-based cuisine during this week training by experienced chefs instructors in a professional setting.

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Full Plant-Based menu with appetizers, soups & salads and main dishes for restaurants, bistrots or vegan cafés.

Noodles Icon BB.png

Steaming, baking & stir-fry cooking techniques for veggies, noodles…

Salad 2 BB Icon.png

Flavor balancing dressings and salads. Instant cheese making using agar-agar.

Milk Icon BB.png

Plant-Milks, non dairy Creams and alternatives to cheeses.

Pasta Icon BB.png

Preparation of pasta, sauces and cheeses. Flat Breads, veggie fillings and sauces.

Sushi Icon BB.png

Plant-Based Sushis: Nori Maki, Nigiri, Gunkan, Californian Roll with sauces

Burger Icon BB.png

Veggie burgers and sliders: buns, patties, sauces, melting cheeses & artisan fries

Vegetables Icon BB.png

Vegan ingredients: condiments, fermentation, pickling, Umami…

Menu Icon 2 BB.png

Plant-Based Set Menu: designing, crafting, executing and plating.

Soup Icon BB.png

Creamy Ramen Noodle Soup and Miso Soup

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Main dishes: techniques, preparation, platings & tasting.

Ice Cream Icon BB.png

Lactose-free Ice-creams and Sorbets. Sweets and Cakes.


Do you have any special requests?

Would you like to extend your stay?
Maybe take 3 weeks of courses?
Or would like to bring your friends or family join you at the resort?

Send us your special request and we will respond with a custom proposal.

52,500 THB
(accommodation included)

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Secure you place with a 50% non-refundable deposit payment.*


Get Answers

We are here to support you in any questions you may have and we love providing answers. Here are a few examples of what we’re typically asked and our responses.

What is the price of the course? Do you offer payment plans?

The price of the course is 52,500 Thai Baht. A minimum 50% deposit is required to secure your place. Tuition must be paid in full prior to your start date in order to take part in the course. Please email with any payment-related questions.

Do students get any discount towards other courses?

Yes! Students taking a week long course can choose from one of three great perks:

  • Get 10% off any additional week-long course(s) OR

  • Bring a friend with you and receive 10% off both your tuition fees.

Email for more information!

Are there prerequisites for the course? Do I need cooking skills?

Yes. This course is an advanced level course suitable for students with some prior experience, qualifications or knowledge on how to use professional equipment. Please contact us for more information.


Secure your space with a 50% non-refundable deposit payment. 
The final payment, due 7 days prior to arrival, is 30% refundable in case of emergency. 
You can in case of emergency save 80% of your payment for a another stay within a year from the booked class.