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52,500 THB

Experience and learn whole-food plant-based cuisine.  

Do you want to add healthy vegan options to your menu or create a plant-based tasting menu? This course is an immersive training in plant-based cuisine. Experience, taste and learn about ingredients. Try equipment, explore new techniques and recipes with the guidance and mentoring of our trained team of plant-based chef instructors.

We offer a unique, colorful and healthy blend of raw and cooked techniques, recipes as well as Asian inspired flavors. It’s an intense hands-on class, all recipes are prepared from scratch and all demos include food styling. We will cover your main questions: gluten-free baking, egg and lactose free, cream and dairy replacements, plant-based sauces and dressings, healthy cooking, flavor balancing in plant-based cuisine, plating and food styling…


  • Visit the on-site organic garden and the morning market
  • Series of intensive and immersive hands-on sessions. Each session includes a panel of recipes to offer a unique tasting experience.
  • Review of specific equipment items, ingredients and techniques featured in each of the given recipes.   
  • Learning the essentials of healthy plant-based cuisine by doing, experimenting and tasting with the support, lectures and mentoring of experienced vegan chefs to boost your learning curve.
  • Support in recipe design and development for the final project
  • Certification by Blue Lotus.

Package includes:    

  • 6 nights accommodation in an individual Evason Room (incl. breakfast buffet)
  • Lunch at the bar: tasting recipes from morning classes
  • 5-day cooking classes from Monday to Friday (from 9am to 3pm)
  • 50% discount for personal laundry
  • 20% discount on food & beverage at all restaurants
  • Free Wi-Fi in your room and the classroom
  • Complimentary activities: tennis, fitness, and bicycles
  • Field trips and personal research time

What you will learn:    

  • All the vegan options for a healthy corner, bar or a vegan cafe
  • Breakfast – Healthy Corner: Plant-based mylk, yogurt, muesli, juices, smoothies, pancakes, cookies, rochers, tartlets…
  • Lactose-free Ice-creams and Sorbets
  • Vegan sweets, cakes
  • Vegan Bar dishes
  • Steaming & stir-fry cooking techniques, Pad Thai…
  • Quinoa salads & main, Kelp noodles
  • Dressings, cream & sauces
  • Gluten-free pizza, pasta & sauces + cheezes
  • Vegan burgers & artisan fries
  • Vegan ingredients: condiments, fermentation, pickling, agar-agar…
  • Vegan Set Menu: designing, crafting and executing
  • Appetizers & starters
  • Dips & spreads
  • Mains

(Including accommodation and tuition fee)

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